Do you want to locate your business in a market that’s projected to grow 24% in the next 5 years?

From a standing start, Wesley Chapel Florida has grown 724% since 2000 – and there’s more ahead as 80,900 affluent current residents and 15,000 more planned homes accelerate the market.


Learning about Lexington Oaks Commons may be the most important thing you do this year. Acting to make your business a part of it may be the wisest thing you do this year.  Taking action now – with Entitlements in place, yet before Construction begins, may be the most profitable thing you do this year.   You’ll capitalize on;

  • 80,900 affluent consumers already surrounding the site within 5 miles.

  • 15,000 homes approved for construction over the next 8 years

  • Average household income of $88,700 is 45% higher than Florida (and 37% higher than US average)

  • Pre-Development land pricing will end in only a few months as construction starts

  • 500 new multi-family units are already committed

  • 1500 homes – median value of $175,183 surrounding the site.

  • The fastest growing spot in Florida - and no wonder with a livability rating higher than both the state and the nation! 

You owe it to yourself to learn about Lexington Oaks Commons and the opportunity to capture a part of this energetic market for your business.  


Approved zoning and entitlements permit

  • Restaurant/entertainment uses

  • Retail

  • Office

  • Medical & Hospital

  • Memory Care and Assisted Living

  • Hotel

  • Multi-family residential

Lexington Oaks Commons is almost the last of the infill sites in this rapidly growing market – and the next to be developed - with all land improvements, retention and approvals in place (or bonded for completion) – with 2,300 feet of frontage on SH 54-Wesley Chapel Boulevard – and 24,000 cars with affluent consumers passing daily - one-half mile from I-75 on-off ramps – 20 minutes to downtown Tampa – The reasons to explore this site make it a must for you to act now.-

Let us take the risk.  Make your commitment to a site now – close only when we’ve bonded or completed the improvements – and Pasco County has approved your site plan.  Act before pre-development pricing is a thing of the past.

You don’t need to act today – but an aggressive competitor probably will, and Lexington Oaks Commons has already committed over 50% of the developable sites to early adaptors who recognize the opportunity.  Speed is a strategy – and we’ve organized all the information so that you – or a nimble entrepreneur searching for just this kind of opportunity – can make a fast decision.  There will certainly be second choice sites to find in this market – but will today’s low cost of financing and early entry to the market combine to make a second choice site as good?  You decide!

If this site is right for your development or business, then you’ll lock in first mover advantage, a premium site selection, pre-development land cost lower than the competition and take all the risk out of the acquisition and approval cost.  You’ll put yourself in the middle of a dynamic, energetic, affluent consumer market in a premium location.

Here are the Big Benefits

  • Pre-Development cost advantage

  • Zoning and entitlement risk removed

  • Time to allow your planning and permitting

  • Early site selection

  • An affluent and growing market

  • Todays low cost financing market for your project

  • 20% growth projected over the next 5 years

  • Land development risk removed

The bonus of fast action won’t be around forever! In about 180 days, improvement plans and platting will be complete – and land costs increase.  Quickly thereafter, construction will start – and another land cost increase to finish costs will occur.  By then someone else will have tied up the last, best choice of a site!

Don’t accept what we say without checking.  Download the free reports listed above and check out the facts for yourself. 

Here’s what you need to do now;

  • Check out the facts presented on the following pages

  • Download the Free reports

  • Review the available sites map and see which fits you best

  • Contact us for a Draft Letter of Intent to start negotiation on your new location


Make the decision to consider Lexington Oaks today, before the best sites are gone.

The value is solid, it is now and the timing cannot be better to take advantage of this exciting, energetic, growing market place at Pre Development land costs.

Our guarantee is that you’ll find an incredible opportunity at Lexington Oaks Commons that you, or your best competitor, can capitalize on.

The information is Free – Let us take the risk by providing you a site study – at our cost – to determine which of the sites still available fit your needs best – are the most market and cost efficient – and that will make your business a central piece of the Lexington Oaks market.

Download More Information now!